First Boxing Session With My Coach

Last night I met with my boxing coach for our first actual boxing session.  Though he has already watched me in in some fitness classes and some side work I put in, he ran me through a few things to evaluate.

I felt his evaluation was 100% accurate.  Of the things I need to work on (almost everything) the largest one is moving.  I’m a plodder and that just won’t work.  I’m wanting to box, not fight, and to be able to do that I need to move.  We worked on that a bit and he gave me a drill to do to start with.  I’m to start out with the often used squares and do basic movements.  Side to side, frontwards and back, etc.  As I’m doing with my time with the coach I’m focusing on the very basics and will work on them until they cannot be undone.  When the action of the ring starts, I need to be able to execute.  If I don’t have the basics down to automatic responses, nothing else will work.  Boxing, not fighting.

To get an idea of how to use the squares, watch the below from fightTIPS.  It will be what I’ll watch when I’m away from my coach.

He also adjusted my hook.  I was a “thumbs in” guy and he had me adjust it to “thumbs up”.  Additionally, we focused on my elbow being higher than I was used to.

The last portion of the session was to get going on some basic defensive movements.  Duck, slip, and lean back.  We ran through each of them a few times and then we worked on him calling them out and I executing using the same punch sequence.  Like in my footwork I found myself thinking too much and then getting locked up.  I know it’s part of the process but I got a bit frustrated.  I’d have to step back, regather, then get back in there.  I’ll assume we will stick with the same punch sequence until I’m a bit more automatic on what I do.  Who knows, that’s up to the coach, right?

The above isn’t all we did, but it’s the highlights.  I asked him to get me a copy of the notes from what we worked on so I could reinforce them on my own, in a slow and controlled environment.  I want to do it slow them speed it up.  I find that’s the way I improve and develop the muscle/mind memory.  I demand that I show improvement each week to let the coach know I’m worth investing in.

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