I Lost My Way Last Week

I ramped up my training last week.  That Friday was live sparring, my calf/leg was feeling good, and motivation was high. During the week I started to feel lethargic because I wasn’t recovering well enough to start the next session “fresh enough”. Either my training volume was higher than my ability to recover, or my nutrition was holding it back or some combination of something.

I responded by over-eating and cutting out some training sessions to make sure everything was taken care of. I didn’t KNOW I was severely over-eating, but that’s what happened. It went on until Saturday until I slapped myself silly and told myself to get hold of me, and stop doing that.  Then on Sunday, I didn’t do that, probably out of pity to myself.

Today I am back on track and will increment my training at a slower pace. I’ve got 10 weeks until my event, and I think I lost a week due to all this. I can’t have that happen anymore.

Tonight is my mitts session and I’m going to go as hard as my fitness allows me to go.  Then tomorrow morning I’ll adjust my workout (battle ropes, sled) to fit how well I’ve recovered.  Tomorrow afternoon is a fitness boxing session and if needed, I’ll cruise through it rather than destroy myself and my ability to do anything on Wednesday.  If I don’t go “enough” during the fitness boxing I’ll stay after and finish off.

What throws wrenches into all of this is that I have two defined things I need to be fresh for.  On Monday evening my mitts session needs to be very productive so I need energy and focus.  On Friday evening I have live sparring so that is a key event.  Pushing forward and holding back will be difficult, but I need to settle into a rhythm and get it done.

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