Calf Not Fully Cooperating Yet – What To Do?

Each week I listen to my calf area to see if I can increase my workload.  Can I skip rope?  Can I skip rope a bit more?  How about ring work, can that be increased?  Will increased aggressiveness doing any kind of boxing activity be just the amount of force needed to go backward, or will things be ok?

In weeks past I’ve been able to slightly increase each what I’m doing.  Plain activity isn’t the issue, it’s a plyometric type of movements like forcefully pushing off or landing, that is the issue.  Jumping jacks, box jumps, skip rope, some footwork drills ….. all are candidates to provoke it.  I’m happy that I’m able to push forward ever so slightly, but that pace puts me behind where I need to be to survive Fight Night.

In addition to plain boxing skills, I need to be conditioned enough to put up a fight into the third round.  I can either be better conditioned, more efficient, or smarter in what I do …. or all of it.

I had chosen all of it.


My calf wasn’t part of the thought process in this choice.  On Tuesday morning my calf let me know it was not happy with how I’ve been conducting myself.  It said, “Now Mike, remember who is running the show here?”  Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder.

I’m not able to do certain activities for a while.  How do I increase conditioning and work on boxing skills?  My calf conditioning is one of the things that need to most work.  Can’t do three rounds of two-minute chaos if your legs aren’t up for the task.

The answer to what to do is simple, and not so simple.  Simply speaking the answer is “You do what you can’t and nothing more.”  Thanks, self, that’s great advice.  Jackass.

It’s going to be a reality that my calf just isn’t going to get the work that I feel is needed to be ready.  It’s just not.  With that in mind, I need to do everything else and wish for the best.

I’m not going to work a bunch of fancy boxing techniques.  I’m going to stick with the basics and get better at them.  Basic punches, basic defense, basic footwork, and all that.  I’m going to have to figure out how to spar and not throw my calf into a tizzy.  Thousands of punches will need to be thrown on the heavy bag, using a two-minute timer, to ensure my arms don’t go dead.  Battle ropes will have to be …. battled to get extra work in.  Air squats, wall sits, whatever …. for the legs.  I’m going to break my bicycle out and get going on it (post to follow!).  I could drop about 10 lbs of bodyfat as well, that can always help.

In the end, I just have to do what I can.

Screw you, calf.

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