First Meeting with Boxing Coach Tonight

I want to do a good job on this amateur Fight Night I’ve decided to do.  I think that everybody else that has signed up has participated before, and currently, I’m the oldest one.  My age doesn’t bother me one bit but I do have longtime habits I need to get rid of.  Because of all that I’ve decided to work with a coach once a week to get ready.

I met with the coach to go over what my goals are and how he sees this whole thing going.  I know that in reality to get ready for the fight I will be doing what he tells me to do but I do appreciate him wanting to know my personal thoughts on the whole thing.

Eleven weeks is how long we will be doing our sessions.  I’m going to film tonight so that I can reinforce what we go over on my own.  The coach uses mitts quite a bit though I don’t know if we will get to them tonight.  He wants to start at the absolute basics and move on from there.  Perfect, that’s what I want as well.

If it’s not too embarrassing I’ll post some video.

Back To Basics – Boxing

Though I haven’t posted much I’m continuing my training. This past week I went back to the absolute basics to clean up some bad habits I’ve picked up. Doing fitness boxing almost creates bad habits due to the nature of the beast. You are trying to do reps with as good of form as possible but it’s too easy to get sloppy and then reinforce it. I’m going to have to make an agreement with the fitness instructors that I’m going to work my form and if I don’t get the reps they are calling out then I really am not concerned. Hopefully, they are ok with it.

I’m also working on my own just on form.  I’m doing it slow and perfect (from what I fell) and they speed it a bit.  My goal is to get to where I FEEL what good is, and start to do it automatically, without thinking.  I know quite a bit of this is time and reps, but I want to get there as quickly as possible.  I know when I step in that ring there is a high chance it will be a wild ride, and I want to be able to execute as best as I can.

Let Loose A Bit Today – Boxing

Today is the first time I really let loose. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been fighting some calf/leg and back issues. Incremental improvements in conditioning and a proper program have, over time, helped greatly. Though my cardio fitness held me back when I was working mitts or the bag I worked freely. It felt great, though now I am very tired. At the end of the session, I went over and did 500 straights, 500 hooks, and 500 uppercuts. I did focus on decent form but I went more for finishing the session very tired.

And tired I was.

Weekly Sparring – Boxing

One of the things MPower requires of you is to participate in their weekly sparring.  This gives the opportunity for them to make sure you are doing what you need to do and to also start to get a sense of the paring.  They want to make sure the participants are as evenly matched as possible.  No need to put me in there with someone who will just destroy me.  It’s no fun for the other guy (hopefully), doesn’t get ME anything, and it doesn’t reflect well on MPower as a business.  It’s not what they are about.  If they pair evenly and I just outwork my opponent and clearly win, then that’s the other guy’s issue, not MPowers.

Fight Night Date Set, Commitment Given

On the 16th of January, an information meeting was held at MPower.  They went over the entire event and stressed how serious they take things.  From what I’ve seen, I believe this to be true.  They require a commitment from you to make sure things are done safely, boxing is focused on instead of brawling, and that we owe it to our opponents to put in the work.  I like all that.

Fight Night is on April 27th, 2018.  That gives me just a bit over three months to get in shape and work on my boxing so that I can do a good job.  My body is allowing me to do more and more, so I’m inching my way along to push it, while not damaging it.

I’m going to get more frequent on my updates, to include how my bodyfat % is coming along.  I’ll have to estimate the bf % by using the scale, but it’s all I have easy access to.  It’s a tool, not a hard-core anything, so I just use it that way.  I’ll bounce back and forth on how that’s coming along.  I’ll probably make a separate post about it.

240lbs., Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya When You Leave

Dear 240lbs,

I have found someone else. Though you have been replaced by 239lbs that is only temporary as well. 239lbs is just being used. A stepping stone.

We have been together on and off again for many years. Though we have had fun together, I’m not going to miss you at all. Now don’t try to get me back, it just won’t work. No standing outside the donut shop beckoning me to come in “just to talk.” I know that trick. No disguising the container of carrots as a family-sized bag of pizza rolls, I fell for that too many times!

240lbs, it is best for both of us that we part. I’m no good for you, and you certainly are not good for me.

I remember when we met, do you recall that moment all those years ago? I was steadily seeing 238lbs and then I had that large portion of lasagna and HELLO THERE 240lbs! And though I’ve strayed from you with 250lbs, 260lbs, 270lbs, 280lbs, and even heavier siblings I always seem to find myself back with you, 240lbs.

But no more. Be gone. Off with you. I banish you and all your older siblings. If you try to contact me, I won’t respond.


The Pain Of Increasing Cardiovascular Capacity

I face a new challenge in my exercise journey. Previously my leg/calf was an issue, but that is now “manageable.” Then, because of increase workouts, my back said: “Woah hoss, what do you think YOU are doing?”, but that is also “manageable.” Now, my cardiovascular capacity is the problem.

Imagine sitting on the couch for almost two years and then trying to engage in exercise that taxes your cardio. That’s what I’m doing. Sure, I’ve had little exercise starts and stops for a week at a time, but nothing that would carry over to now.

And it hurts.

If I was just to do a generic weightlifting workout, then that is merely initial soreness and effort type pain, that would be far easier. Doing a “bit of cardio” on my own would be a bit more painful but just a little. Engaging in a class environment like fitness boxing is just ….. painful. Effort type painful. For me, it’s way different than grueling through sets of squats, which I kind of enjoy. Sucking wind to get through “whatever” is the worst kind of exercise pain, to me.

I’ve also found that my back starts to give me issues as I get winded. I think it’s because my form goes away and my body starts to compensate all over the place. I think the only way out of that is to keep working fitness from the various angles and as my cardiovascular capabilities improve, so will the parts of my body that get angry with me for even trying.

Assuming I can keep going to my M-W-F cardio based mornings, and doing my T-Th-Sat other workouts, I should incrementally improve. My “back to zero” point will be if I can get through the cardio workout without having to pause and either stretch out my back or just wait for the black spots to disappear from my vision.

So …. pain to follow slash continue.

Boxing Ring I’ll Be Getting Pummeled In

Right before I joined MPower, but after I had decided I wanted to get going and maybe do their Fight Night, I went to observe the one they had scheduled.  I wanted to make sure things were done safely and with care.  I didn’t want it to be the blood-bath Tough Man contests that I’ve watched in the.  I’m happy to say that the fighters were paired correctly, and safety was a primary concern.

Below is a photo of the ring that I took before the facility started to fill up.

MPower Gym Boxing Ring
MPower Gym Boxing Ring

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